Dynamic Warm Up Increases Jump Height and Distance

Mindith Rahmat


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Researchers and strength and conditioning professionals still debate over the efficacy of a dynamic warm up vs. .a static warm up. Research has noted the benefits of a dynamic style work out for potentiating jump performance. New research again examines dynamic and static warm ups for eliciting lower body explosiveness. Researchers in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, assessed 3 different warm up conditions; dynamic, static, and control group, and measured stationary vertical jump, and standing long jump. Researchers assessed 17 baseball players during the training season for collegiate level competitive baseball.


Dynamic Warm Up Increases Jump Height and Distance - Fitness, athletic performance

The dynamic warm up conditions included; forward lunge with forearm to opposite instep, backward lunge with rotation, jackknife or inchworm, knee to chest, toe touch, straight leg march, straight leg march with skipping, lateral shuffle with countermovement, lateral leg swings, straight leg swings, hip rockers, reverse hip rockers, inverted hamstring, lunge fast, carioca short, carioca long, falling starts, backpedal with a turn, and backpedal with 2 lateral turns. The static warm up condition included; standing hamstring stretch to the right, left, and middle, standing quadriceps stretch on the right and left, calf stretch to the right and left, deep side lunge to the right and left, squatting butterfly stretch, straddle stretch to the right, left, and middle, sitting butterfly stretch, seated stretches to the right and left, torso twist to the right and left, performs stretch to the right and left, and laying quadriceps stretch to the right and left. Measurements were taken including; countermovement jumps for vertical jump height and long jump distance. 



Researchers indicated that athletes in the dynamic warm up condition jumped significantly higher. The overall research results demonstrated that dynamic style warm ups increased both vertical jump height and long jump distance. It should also be noted that researchers asserted from these findings, athletes could gain almost 2 inches in their vertical jump by changing their warm up routine from a dynamic to a static warm up. Strength and conditioning professionals and athletes should examine altering their current warm up routines to add a dynamic style warm up before practice or competition to augment training and/or competition.

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