Female Athletes More At Risk For Stress Fractures

Mindith Rahmat


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Stress fractures are the most common injuries in athletics today. Athletes with stress fractures usually seek medical treatment for these bothersome injuries after dealing with ongoing pain. Stress fractures can occur in many different bones in the body, but the most common location is in the lower extremities. Many athletes who participate in running dominant sports or sports with repetitive activities may be at risk for developing stress fractures.


crossfit, strength and conditioning, female athletes, injury, bonesRecent research found a higher frequency of stress fractures in female athletes. Research in the American College of Sports Medicine, investigated bone quality, bone strength, and muscle strength in female athletes diagnosed with stress fractures.



Researchers tested female athletes with lower limb stress fractures, premenopausal athletes, and healthy athletes. The bones of these athletes were assessed at the distal tibia of the dominant leg. The tibia bone is the most common area for stress fractures in female runners. Researchers concluded that there was significant difference in impaired bone quality in the posterior region of the distal tibia in these female runners. There was also decreased muscle strength in the lower limbs female athletes which could lead to more risk for stress fractures.


Prevention Tips:

  • Initiate any new training programs slowly.
  • Maintain rest and recovery periods.
  • Wear appropriate running shoes or shoes for your sport.
  • Try shock absorbent insoles and/or orthotic shoe inserts.
  • Maintain good nutrition habits and a healthy weight.
  • Seek medical attention for any abnormal or irregular menstruation issues.
  • Do not train through pain seek medical advice early.


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