Friday Flicks: Liao Hui 198Kg Clean and Jerk in Slow Motion (World Record)

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Liao Hui is a 69kg Chinese weightlifter with a colorful history. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing he won the gold medal in the 69kg class with a 158kg snatch and a 190kg clean and jerk for a total of 348kg. Liao also placed first at the 2010 World Weightlifting Championships with a 160kg snatch and 198kg clean and jerk before being retroactively disqualified for performance enhancing drugs in 2011. His medals were revoked and his lifts were invalidated.


Having returned from a ban, Liao has proven he still has what it takes. Watch this exquisite slow motion replay of his world record breaking 198kg clean and jerk at the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships. This, along with a 160kg snatch means he has once again broken the world record total too. Let's hope it's for real this time.

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