Friday Flicks: The Bartendaz

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Welcome to our newest weekly feature on Breaking Muscle - the Friday Flicks! Every Friday we're going to kick off your weekend with a fun, fitness-related video you've never seen before.


Check back every Friday because we are going to have some crazy, unbelievable stuff to share!


This week - The Bartendaz! I've been obsessed with these guys on YouTube for quite some time. They are great for a couple of reasons:

  1. They do ridiculous bodyweight movements you won't believe.
  2. They give back to their community and aspire to be a positive influence.


This video starts and ends with some words from Bartendaz founder G.I.A.N.T., so you'll get an idea of what he and his group are about. But above all - I guarantee you've never seen playground equipment used like this before!

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