High Speed Power Training Effective for Older Women

Mindith Rahmat


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As women age finding a workout that increases functional fitness, as well as strength and power, is essential to overall health and wellness. New research in the Journal of Experimental Gerontology, examines the effects of high speed power training on muscle performance and functional fitness in older women.


women's fitness, yoga, crossfit, workouts

Researchers specifically assessed the effects of 12 weeks of high speed power training on handgrip strength, maximal strength, muscle power (including measurements of walking velocity, counter movement jump and ball throwing), and functional tasks (including use of the of the arm and leg muscles for sit-to-stand movements and get-up and go exercises). 



Fifty-six older women were evaluated for this study. The experimental group participated in a high speed power training protocol that consisted of strength training including: 40% of 1RM to 75% of 1RM, counter movement jumping, and medicine ball throwing.

Research Results
  • Researchers noted a significant increase in dynamic and isometric strength performance (from 57% to 61%), muscle power (from 14% to 40%) and functional fitness skills.
  • Researchers found that high speed power training is an effective approach that can lead to significant gains in upper and lower body muscle performance and function in older women.
  • High speed power training may contribute to prolonging functional independence and quality of life in older women.


What is your experience with either performing or coaching individuals with high speed power training? Share your thoughts?

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