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EDITORS NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. Here are ten gift ideas for dancers and anyone who loves to get creative with their workouts, from Creative Movement workout writer Jessica Hedrick.


Jessica's Creative Movement Holiday Wish List



1. Prodigy Series Traditional Wood Double Bar Ballet Barre - $179.00

Training at the barre is not only fun, but also a necessity for dancers. I need a barre to train with at home that is easy to pack away.


2. Paulie Zink L3 Training - $1,480.00 plus travel

I plan to attain my 500hr RYT with Paulie Zink, Yin yoga and martial arts master. He is the original founder of Yin yoga.


3. Color Therapy Crystal Bowl Set - $4,999.00

Crystal bowls have been part of my life for over five years. Sound therapy is one of my passions. This color therapy set will be used at my Yin yoga workshops in 2014.


4. Jamilia L2 Weeklong Workshop - $1,260.00

I have been training at the Suhaila Salimpour School of Belly Dance for eight years. Part of the program is the Jamilia certification program. My goal is to test for my Jamilia L2 in 2014.


5. The GRID Foam Rolle r- $39.99

Rollers are a dancer’s best friend, and I roll two or three times a day. I personally love the TP Therapy brand - and I want a pink roller.


6. GenuTrain P3 - $192.00

My IT bands are really tight, which causes painful patella tracking issues. I hear these braces are a great fix so I would love to try them.


7. 48 Private Dance Lessons in 2014 - $3,600.00

Movement is my truest love and dance is part of that. I would like one private lesson per week for all of 2014.


8. The Big Mat - $88.00

Yoga is my medicine, and my current mat has taken a beating. I want a new one for the new year.


9. 48 Massages and Myofascial Work in 2014 - $7,200.00

I dance and train twenty-plus hours a week, work full time, and try to attend a yoga class each day as active rehab. I would like to have bodywork two hours per week for all of 2014.


10.  Dream Destination Wedding & 3-Week Vacation to Bali

My family and I family work hard, and we all need a long getaway. A real three-week vacation with no Internet would be best. I want to pair this with my dream wedding, all expenses paid for my loved ones. You know who you are.


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