Learn How to Handstand Using a Physio Ball (Video)

Willow Ryan

Contributor - Yoga, Massage & Bodywork

Portland, Oregon, United States


Today we are going to learn how to move up into a handstand using a physio ball. It is a fun movement and will give you a rush! But we will work up to it slowly


This is a fantastic progression for getting up into a handstand. It teaches you how to stabilize the spine, while strengthening the core at the same time.


Before we start, you need to gather together the following items:


  • Post or a wall - This is to kick up against
  • Mat – A Manduka mat is great for this as it is firm and steady
  • Towel - Roll this up into its longest position and place it around the back of your physio ball
  • Physio ball - Place this at the back of the mat against the towel, you will need to play around with position of the ball


Here is the sequence for achieving a handstand:


  • Walk around the back of the mat
  • Start in a downward dog position
  • Place one foot on the physio ball
  • Place the other foot on the physio ball
  • Tighten up your abs, activate your glutes, and make your breath rhythmic
  • Tip-toe the ball up close to the post
  • Come up one leg at a time into handstand
  • The ball will roll back in place
  • Come on out of the handstand one foot at a time


Move slowly and synchronize your movement with the slow rhythm of your breath. Make your Ujjayi breathing audible, this will help to push all other sounds and distractions out of your minds. Enjoy the rush and have a lot of fun!

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