Learn to Feel Your Anatomy Through Breathing (Video)

Willow Ryan

Contributor - Yoga, Massage & Bodywork

Portland, Oregon, United States


Today I'm going to bring to you a basic module of my Feel Your Anatomy series. This lesson integrates Forrest yoga moves, along with teaching you anatomy and movement patterns, and links them all together with breathing.


A common frustration for students is being unable to perform an action after receiving a cue from an instructor. This has nothing to do with being delayed in understanding how to move your body parts. Frankly, most of us haven't learned what our anatomy is, nevermind how to connect with our anatomy.


Learning to "feel your anatomy" is about learning to touch yourself in a way that wires your brain to make a connection to the area you are touching. This is so you can move that muscle in a more deliberate and purposeful way. We will work this through a Forrest yoga basic move - expanding your ribs:


  • Expand your hands - spread the fingertips
  • Cross your forearms in front of your chest
  • Wrap your hands and finger around your ribcage
  • Inhale and expand your ribs into your hands
  • Hold your breath and press your fingertips into your rib cage
  • Feel your ribs spread
  • Feel your ribs move closer together as your exhale
  • Feel your soft tissue palpate with your fingertips
  • Feel your ribs move closer together as your exhale


When you open up your ribcage, you can take much more air into your lungs. This helps:


  • Increase stamina
  • Increase endurance
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase mental clarify
  • Reset your nervous system


Make that connection between feeling your anatomy and knowing where it is in your mind.

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