Meet the World's Oldest Gymnast (Video)

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At 89 years old, German gymnast Johanna Quaas is far from slowing down. Born in November 1925, she retains an inspirational passion for her sport and a love of staying active. But even though she has been performing since she was a young girl, Johanna has dealt with the pressures of work and life just like the rest of us.


Despite not always being able to practice gymnastics at a high level, Johanna placed her commitment to health and movement first by becoming a physical education teacher. All of that work has paid off: she is bright and chipper, and has successfully evaded the ravages of age, such as cognitive decline, a proclivity to falling, and weight gain, which worry and plague so many people at that stage in life.


She also keeps it simple in terms of diet, eating just enough and including plenty of greens. It is superb role models like Johanna who provide blueprints for us all to thrive and enjoy the fruits of life, each and every year.

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