More Than Just a Pretty Face: Model/Trainer/Bodybuilder Sidney Wilson

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sidney wilson, celebrity trainer, sidney wilson bodybuilder, get viciousWhereas Nike implores athletes to “just do it,” when personal trainer, bodybuilder, and model Sidney Wilson looks at his watch, you know it’s time to “get vicious.” Getting vicious is about going above and beyond, according to Sidney. When you get vicious, you don’t just work out to get in shape for a wedding or for the holidays. Getting vicious means you make fitness a lifestyle that permeates your every day. The mentality can also extend to other aspects of life, like school or work, where you surpass what’s required to push yourself farther than you thought you could go.


And as it turns out, getting vicious might be the kindest thing you can do for yourself. As a child, Sidney watched his grandmother and grandfather pass away at an early age due to poor diet and lack of exercise. The impact of those untimely deaths persists to this day. It prompted Sidney to realize he never wanted such a thing to happen to anyone else in his family - or in the rest of the world - and influenced his decisions to embed fitness in his life.



Nowadays, Sidney participates in all natural bodybuilding competitions, avoiding those events in which participants use steroids. In keeping with his own focus on getting vicious, he is a personal trainer and a model, and he has a message of motivation for his clients and, increasingly, for a wider audience. Based in New York City, Sidney sees clients in person and also online, observing that a picture (of a client’s physique) says a thousand words. He is a trainer for Men’s Health magazine, appearing in the December 2012 issue, and he is featured on the cover of the Men’s Health Training Guide 2013. But even if you're not a fan of fitness magazines, you might be swayed by the fact Sidney also trains professional athletes, including members of the New York Rangers.


sidney wilson, celebrity trainer, sidney wilson bodybuilder, get viciousWhen it comes to his clients and how he trains them, Sidney stresses diet. Sidney himself eats “veggies, veggies, and more veggies,” and claims that “water is (his) best friend.” He works with a nutritionist for his bodybuilding competitions because he needs guidance in terms of macronutrient timing. That being said, however, he avers that “everyone knows what to eat. They just don’t want it.” This is a big issue Sidney helps his clients overcome, because many of them operate according to the misconception that as long as they work out, “they can eat what they want to eat and still get results.” You have to have both physical activity and proper nutrition, he stresses.



So Sidney teaches his clients but also practices what he preaches, motivating others by setting the example. He does “what it takes to be the best,” and in this way, he is doing what he can to prevent health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and even back pain, and is encouraging his clients to do the same. He emphasizes the fact that fitness is about being healthy rather than buying into a set of societal expectations about how we should look. Indeed, many of the people he trains who are in the fashion industry come to him unhealthy; they may be thin, but they can’t even walk up three flights of stairs, for example.


While preparing for competitions, Sidney swears by calisthenics (situps, pushups, pullups), claiming they help him get the definition he needs. He hates cardio, but he does workouts that elevate his heart rate six days a week, switching things up to keep them interesting. Modalities like swimming, boxing, basketball, muay Thai, and football drills help him get through. As he says, in order for him to be a good trainer, he has to be willing to do everything he asks his clients to do.


Check out Sidney's one-arm pushups and airborne pushups in this video:



In the near future, Sidney plans to own a few gyms, and continue training clients and other trainers. While his modeling career and his bodybuilding pursuits are well established, he is committed to helping people reap the benefits of good health. He is writing an ebook, due to be available in March 2013, sidney wilson, celebrity trainer, sidney wilson bodybuilder, get viciouscontaining workouts and nutrition information. He also has plans to develop a non-profit umbrella to help him work with kids and travel the world spreading his message.


So while he may be a model, Sidney Wilson is more than just a pretty face. He is a fitness professional dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals, whether they be celebrities, professional athletes, or otherwise. In the end, no matter who you are, it still comes down to regular exercise, good diet, and Sidney's added element of "getting vicious."

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