Movement, Mobility and CrossFit: A Yoga Teacher's Perspective

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2 Causes of Hip Pain and How to Treat Them: Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

Sciatica and piriformis syndrome are two conditions often presenting with similar symptoms. Here is a guide to the difference between the two as well as treatment for each.


3 Yoga Poses to Increase Overhead Shoulder Mobility

I regularly see athletes with strong upper backs and shoulders struggle with limitations in how high they can raise their arms without pain. Here are poses to help restore the range of motion.



How to Safely Lift and Do Yoga When You Have a Bulging Disc

Once your doctor has cleared you for activity there are some simple modifications you can make to your movement to allow you to continue lifting and practicing yoga.


Being a Dissenting Voice in CrossFit: 3 Thing I'd Love CF Coaches to Hear

I'm a yoga teacher who teaches mobility at a CrossFit box. I love the community, but have some issues with the program. We all need some honest feedback from the outside from time to time.


Mobility and Movement, Session 1: Yoga and Self-Massage for Squats

I'm currently taking a course based on the CrossFit Mobility certification. I'm going to share what I'm learning, and also how I would combine it with yoga for better overall movement and mobility.


Movement, Mobility and CrossFit: A Yoga Teacher's Perspective - Fitness, crossfit, breathing, yoga, mind body, mobility

Bethany Eanes has discovered true health and deep peace ever since she opened the door to yoga. Though she lives an athletic-inspired yoga style, Bethany also honors a new-found stillness of heart. She loves helping athletes find a way to relax, allowing them to recover, appropriately rest, and reach everyone’s ultimate fitness goal - to be happy.



Lululemon, Fat Shaming, and Turning a Profit in the Yoga Market

My Facebook wall has lit up with criticism over lululemon athletica's founder Chip Wilson's comments about the company's trademark luon pants not being suitable for every size and shape.


How and Why to Use All 3 Planes of Motion to Improve Your Mobility

If you're stuck on a few movements or stretches, you may be limiting your ability to truly increase your range of motion. Most of our major muscles


A Simple Breathing Exercise for a Balanced Mind

Sometimes life has us feel stressed and unbalanced. This leads to issues of anxiety and a lack of sleep. Try this simple exercise that only takes a couple minutes, and will balance your mood and mind.


Pregnant and Weight Lifting? You May Want to Reconsider

I have to admit, I cringe a little when I see a pregnant woman in a CrossFit class. Pregnancy is incredible, but places a huge demand on the body. Here are my tips for navigating this time.


3 Unexpected Keys to Crushing Goals

Here are three keys I've found absolutely critical to creating the life I want. And yes, I learned them in yoga class.


Are Handstands Good For You? A Yoga Teacher's Perspective

As a yoga teacher, the upside of the handstand craze is it draws hundreds of new yogis to the practice. The downside is an overemphasis on strength in just a few parts of the body.


Weekly Work-In: Week 1 - Create a Simple Daily Ritual for Body and Mind

Starting this week I'm going to be sharing my "work-ins" with you in the hopes that you can join me in creating a healthy practice for your body and mind - and find the happiness you are seeking.

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