Results Matter: 8 Tips For Creating Effective Training Programs

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A good training program produces gains in strength, power, lean muscle mass, or whatever your training goals may be. That requires a good mix of science and common sense. Unfortunately it's not always easy to create a program that produces results. These articles will help you create effective training plans that will help you meet your goals, whether they be in regards to strength, conditioning, power, or weight loss.


Results Matter: 8 Tips For Creating Effective Training Programs - Fitness, programming, strength training, periodization

An Idiot's Guide to Progressive Strength Workouts (Tom Kelso)

Forget percentages of your 1RM, forget complicated periodization plans - just put more weight on the bar and do more reps. It's that simple. Learn the facts behind progressive strength training.



The 3 Pillars of Fat Loss (Andrew Read)

Which is most important in fat loss - caloric restriction, aerobic conditioning, or resistance training? Is any more important than the other? Can one accomplish fat loss without the others?


Tactical Periodization: What It Is and How to Do It (Andrew Read)

We've all heard about periodization, but who can arrange their entire life around training? Here is a method Pavel Tsatsouline called "tactical periodization" that anyone can use to create growth.


An Idiot's Guide to Progressive Conditioning Workouts (Tom Kelso)

All successful exercise plans are based on the principles of overload, recovery/adaptation, and progression. If you are not getting better, which of these elements are you missing in your training?


Size Matters, Bro! The Misinterpretation of the Henneman Size Principle (Winslow Jenkins)

Broscience is all over the gym. Even where you least suspect it. Maybe you've heard of muscle recruitment and the Henneman Size Principle. Did you know most people have it all wrong in application?


The 3 Laws of Muscle Activation in Resistance Training (Tom Kelso)

When designing resistance training programs, we can't ignore physics. Here are 3 laws of training that will simplify your programming and help you become more successful (i.e. stronger).


The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Developing Fitness Programs (Josh Henkin)

Every workout has a weakness, but over-complicating workouts is not the answer. Here are three mistakes I see coaches make when creating workouts that can be easily fixed for better results.


Mixed Method Training May Develop Power Best (Jeff Barnett)

New research examines the "mixed method" approach to training - meaning, training heavy loads for strength and moderate loads to develop power. Science thinks this may translate to sports better.

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