Simple Steps to Reduce Risk of Patellar Tendinitis

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Patellar tendonitis (PT) also known as "jumper's knee" is a recurrent cause of chronic pain in the knees of athletes. PT is a commonly an overuse injury which occurs after repeated stress on the patellar tendon. This stress can cause tiny tears in the tendon which leads to inflammation, pain, and atrophy. Repeated jumping is most common cause of PT. Increases in volume and intensity of physical exercise can also overstress the tendons and create knee pain and injury over time.


Simple Steps to Reduce Risk of Patellar Tendinitis - Fitness, Patellar Tendinitis, jumpers knee, injury prevention, Health, medicineResearchers identified the following risk factors for developing PT these included: tight muscles, being overweight, misalignment of the leg bones, raised kneecap (patella alta), and muscular imbalances. According to researchers simply reducing an athletes body weight, increasing flexibility and strength specifically in the area of the quadriceps can be beneficial in prevention and treatment of PT. The use of orthotics may also be recommended for some athletes.



Reduce your risk of developing knee injuries by taking these simple 3 steps:


  1. Don't train or play hard through pain. When any injury is diagnosed or when pain is noticeable be more conservative with your training regime. Rest and ice the affected area of pain after each workout session.
  2. Get stronger. Strengthening the surrounding muscle area using eccentric strengthening exercises can be effective in preventing and treating knee and tendon issues.
  3. Get a coach and improve your form and technique. If you have bad technique in your sport or training program your are setting yourself up for an injury. Get coaching from a certified and experienced professional to aid in your training.
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