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In this episode our hosts, Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria, speak with CrossFit veteran Patrick McCarty. Pat is a three-time CrossFit Games masters-level athlete, finishing in a world-class sixteenth place this year>.


Pat is now part of the commentary team for the National Pro Grid League. His knowledge of both CrossFit and Grid allows him to draw interesting parallels between these two forces of the fitness world, and predictions about the future of each.



Press play to hear what Pat has to say.



Patrick’s fitness journey has taken him from traditional weight training to marathon running and ultimately, to CrossFit, where he found the perfect balance of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and proper goal setting. This has allowed him to find levels of fitness and well-being that eluded his twenty-year-old self.


  • 00:13 - Intro to Patrick McCarty
  • 00:50 - Criticism does not equal hate
  • 03:36 - The main "what-if" for CrossFit as a movement
  • 07:40 - The key to the continued expansion of CrossFit
  • 12:40 - Explanation of Grid
  • 17:00 - What is going to make the NPGL stick
  • 23:19 - The inclusivity of masters athletes in fitness-related sport
  • 28:08 - Drugs and steroid use by masters athletes
  • 31:42 - How Grid is handling drug use in competition
  • 32:30 - Explosion of CrossFit competition scene in UK
  • 36:14 - What is great about CrossFit
  • 39:50 - What Pat likes to do in his spare time
  • 42:05 - Short questions related to training and fitness
  • 47:50 - Pat's details and upcoming projects


In addition to his own training, Patrick’s real passion is coaching. He trains CrossFit classes at Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning and finds immense satisfaction in helping other achieve their fitness goals, whether it’s climbing a rope for the first time or setting a new "Fran" PR. By day, Patrick is a web developer who owns his own design company, CJT Digital Design, in Loveland, Ohio.

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