Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 68

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Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's most popular posts cover female body image, masters athletes, lower back pain, shoulder injuries, hot yoga, and more!


1.becca borawski, breaking muscle, body image, women's fitness, women's issues How My Jacket Convinced Women to Try Weight Lifting (Becca Borawski) As a coach I was blessed with a genetic predisposition for packing on muscle and sometimes inadvertently frightening female prospects. So my jacket became my tool for initiating women into the gym.



2. Monthly OpEd: Why CrossFit Masters Athletes Deserve a Spot at the Regionals (Jane Holgate)

It seems a shame to me there is no masters event at the regional level in the current CrossFit games competition structure. I think CFHQ would do well to invite its senior athletes to Regionals.


3. Consistent Hard Effort Over Time: The Only Guaranteed Method of Success (Jeff Kuhland)

People always look for the easy way out. If you are this person don’t even bother showing up to ask me or any other trainer the question, “How do I get results?”


4. I've Jacked Up My Shoulder: What Did I Damage and What Do I Do Now? (Meghan Hackler)

A decrease in scapular control places the glenohumeral joint at a mechanical disadvantage, and bigger muscles start to compensate for the smaller ones getting no love. Result? Shoulder pain.


5. Heal Your Lower Back Pain With These 5 Yoga Poses (Julie Rader)

As an athlete, our activities are prone to causing tension in our lower backs. For relief from this pain and tension, do the following poses daily or at least after your workout.


6. Phase One: How to Reset the Body and Awake Your Inner 6-Year-Old (Andrew Read)

Something funny happens around age six - we get sent to school. Gone are the days of moving and exploring, replaced instead by sitting and learning. Here's how to reset your body and your movement.


7. Hot Yoga: The Dangers and Myths You Need to Know (Amber Larsen)

Hot yoga is a huge craze, but is it safe? There are some things you need to know about how the body handles heat so you can decide if hot yoga is good for you.

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