Sunday Seven: The Week's 7 Most Popular Articles, Vol. 71

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Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's most popular posts cover women's weight lifting myths, bodybuilding, CrossFit, business, yoga, deadlifting, and steroids!


1. 2 Myths About Women and Weight Lifting Debunked (Andrew Read)

It’s long been female gym folklore that to get lean you do high reps with a light load, while those looking to get bigger need to lift heavy. Let’s look at some misconceptions around this advice.



2. 4 Lessons CrossFitters Can Learn From Bodybuilders (Chet Morjaria)

Bodybuilders have long been ridiculed within CrossFit by those who seem to believe they train better, harder, and more effectively. But is that reality? And what can we all learn from them?


3. 3 Key Yoga Poses for Better Overhead Squats (Bethany Eanes)

Teaching at a CrossFit gym, I've become familiar with the mobility challenges of overhead squats. These poses will target the muscles and connective tissues that must be mobile to do this lift.


4. The CrossFit Games Open Is Broken (Patrick McCarty)

Over the next four weeks, my articles will take an honest look at the CrossFit Open. How it works, how it doesn’t work, and ultimately, some suggestions as to how it can be fixed.


5. Deadlifting With a Rounded Back: If the Best Do It, Why Can't You? (Logan Christopher)

Contrary to what some spine experts say - that if your back ever rounds you're going to immediately die of the bubonic plague - the human body can move that way, and might even lift more that way.


6. Once You’ve Used Steroids, Is It Possible to Ever Compete Clean Again? (Stefan Gehrig)

A scientific look at the evidence that anabolic steroids permanently increase a user's sporting potential such that they can never compete evenly against drug-free athletes again.


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