Super D Video: How to Increase Ankle Flexion (and Save Your Knees)

Donnie Thompson

Contributor - Powerlifting and Mobility

Irmo, South Carolina, United States

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

If you run or lift a lot, you are going to see a little tightness when you supinate, or inwardly rotate, the foot. Typically, you are looking for 35-45 degrees inversion. As far as flexion is concerned, you need around seventy degrees for ideal performance. Lastly, you need at least five degrees of flexion on ankle eversion. This is when the ankle rotates so the sole faces outwards.


This last one is particularly important. If you don't have this flexion, and your calcaneus (heel) doesn't give, it throws the knee inward. This can be the cause of all kinds of knee injuries. But don't worry! Here's a way to fix it. We're going to use a band around the heel to put things right. If you can create one or two degrees movement laterally, you're doing really well. You can use a second band for extra tension too. Try to get another degree or two out of the ankle each time you do this.


Good luck and see you on the platform!

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