Super D Video: Performance Therapy Protocol to Conquer Low Back Pain

Donnie Thompson

Contributor - Powerlifting and Mobility

Irmo, South Carolina, United States

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

After years of dealing with low back injuries, I have come up with this protocol. There is no reason an athlete should be walking around with lower back pain. Follow this protocol and you too will conquer the most common injury to the upright walking man! Here's how the movements break down:


  1. Forward pelvic tilts with adductor release
  2. Butterfly pelvic tilts
  3. Groin release
  4. Superhero pose
  5. Ipsilateral tracking for quadratus lumborum release
  6. Stripper pole


Whatever type of athlete you are, you need to have a good relationship with your ankles, hips, and shoulders to be good at anything. This will help to get you there.

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