The Functional Movement Screen: 8 Articles to Help You Assess Yourself and Your Clients

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The functional movement screen, or FMS, has become a popular way to screen athletes and clients. Here are eight articles that explain what it is, how to use it to screen various mobility issues, and why it's important.


The Functional Movement Screen: 8 Articles to Help You Assess Yourself and Your Clients - Fitness, Recovery, mobility, FMS, functional movement screen

Exposing the Importance of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) (Scott Iardella)

What is the Functional Movement Screen? Why should athletes of all levels get it done? Learn more about this simple method of analyzing movement being used by more and more coaches.



A Weak Foundation: How to Screen Your Ankles, Improve Performance, and Decrease Injury (Jeff Kuhland)

A good foundation is key, yet as athletes we train on stiff and weak ankles. This article will give you screens to assess your mobility and strategies to improve performance in any sport or activity.


Can the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Actually Determine Ability? (Becca Borawski)

The FMS has been gaining popularity in recent years as a measure of physical ability and predictor of athletic performance. Has this relationship actually been proven, however?



Establishing Your Drive Train: Screening and Correcting the Hip Hinge (Jeff Kuhland)

The hip hinge is an incredibly powerful movement if done properly. If lifting is done improperly, back injury can result. Learn how to screen for a proper hip hinge and how to correct bad movement.


Living With the FMS: Reconciling Training With Test Results (Andrew Read)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a great test, but don't get so distracted by it that you lose sight of your training goals. Read about how I melded training and my FMS results.


Injury-Proofing Your Body With the Functional Movement Screen (Linsay Way)

The NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and Special Ops military personnel all use it to keep themselves injury-free. What is it - this functional movement screen? Here's what it is and why you should use it.


Why Screening and Corrective Exercise Should Be the Foundation of Every Exercise Program (Jeff Kuhland)

What is a "screen" and what is the goal of corrective exercise? Let's take a look at how to screen, what the goal is, and how we can examine and correct the basic squat movement.


1+1=3 (or FMS + HKC = All You Need) (Andrew Read)

The FMS and HKC certifications appear to be a collection of progressions. But upon closer inspection they could be all the training you need. Here are the reasons why.

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