The Road to a 300kg Back Squat - Pat Mendes (Friday Flick)

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Meet Pat Mendes from Average Broz Gymnasium, an American weightlifter on the comeback trail. Pat is looking to regain his place as America's strongest weightlifter, despite having major hip surgery and dropping a substantial amount of bodyweight.


He's well on the way too. On March 2013, Pat finally had an operation on the torn labrum in his hip that plagued him since 2011. In May, he hit his first squat of 405lbs (183kg). A year later, and he has progressed all the way up to 661lbs (300kg).


Many of us dream of making just a fraction of this progress in a year. So what is his secret? The answer as Pat sees it is simple:


The programming for my squats has just one major guideline: everyday, lift as much as you can handle. 


Now there's food for though. How have you made the best gains on your squat? Let us know in the comments!


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