The Strength of Wimbledon Tennis - Andy Murray (Video)

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Immaculately cut lawns, strawberries and cream, Pimms on ice, and "new balls please!" Many people associate these things with Wimbledon. But Andy Murray, last year's men's singles champion, has other things on his mind.


After years of struggle and near misses, in 2013 Andy realized his dream of becoming Wimbledon champion. This gave Andy his first Grand Slam win at his home championship, in front of his home crowd. This year, he seeks to retain his crown.


In fact, if you look at his record at Wimbledon, it is almost perfectly linear:


  • 2005 - Third round
  • 2006 - Fourth round
  • 2007 - Did not compete
  • 2008 - Quarter-final
  • 2009 - Semi-final
  • 2010 - Semi-final
  • 2011 - Semi-final
  • 2012 - Runner-up
  • 2013 - Champion


Such consistency of progression is enviable. But what is behind Andy's rise? What has driven him forward and upward, year upon year? You'll have to watch the video.


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