Video: Ben Musholt - 4 Unusual Burpee Variations

Ben Musholt

Contributor - Parkour & Bodyweight Exercise

Portland, Oregon, United States

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise, Parkour


EDITOR'S NOTE: Every Sunday we will be featuring a new bodyweight exercise video from physical therapist Ben Musholt, author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia. Ben has a diverse movement background, spanning board sports, martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics. Get watching and get moving!


In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates four unusual variations of the burpee. The first variation uses a barbell and includes a press motion. The second variation uses a medicine ball to perform an overhead jump. The third uses rings in order to add a pull-up. The fourth and final exercise adds a 360-degree spin jump, mixing in an element of balance and coordination to the exercise. Give these a try and let us know how you get on in the comments!

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