World Pole Dance Winner 2014 - Bendy Kate (Video)

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If you've never watched pole dancing on the Internet, now is your chance. Take a look at this video of the World Pole Dance Championships 2014, featuring the winning performance by the UK's Bendy Kate. (Yes, that is her official name.)


Pole dancing is a form of performance art, combining dance and acrobatics around a vertical pole. Traditionally associated with "dance clubs," popular perception of pole dancing has changed over the last few years. It is common now to see pole dancing classes in mainstream gyms. Pole dancing requires significant strength, flexibility, and endurance, and includes climbs, spins, and inversion. Functional, anyone?


For stunning examples of this core strength in action, watch the video. We've picked out some particularly jaw dropping moments for you. Take a look at the sequences at the following points:


  • 1:37
  • 2:13
  • 2:55
  • 3:50
  • 4:15
  • 5.14


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