You're Doing It Wrong: 6 Better Ways to Train

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Hitting a wall in your training? Are your personal records stuck? Wishing you had time to accomplish more, but just can't make it work? Here are six articles from six of our expert coaches on how you might be going about things wrong and how you can turn your training around to use your time more effectively.


exercise tips, you're doing it wrong, exercise mistakes, fitness mistakes



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Why Your Excuse About "Not Having Time" Is Just Wrong

Endurance coach Graeme Turner hears a lot of stories about how there just isn't enough time to train for a triathlon, Iron man, or other endurance events. But he doesn't believe these stories one bit. Here's what he recommends as far as fitting your endurance training into the 24 hours you've got each day.


The Fitness Customer Is Always Wrong

In other businesses, the customer may always be right - but according to coach Eric C. Stevens, that's not how the fitness industry works. He sees that far more typically the training clients think they know how to get what they want, but the truth is, they wouldn't be coming to see you if that was the case.



How to Coach the Newbie Who Just Won't Slow Down

You've probably coached one of these clients at some point. Or maybe you were this client at some point! You know, the way-too-enthusiastic client who wants to do way too much, too soon. Coach Mariah Heller gives some great tips on help to help newbies get through this phase successfully.


exercise tips, you're doing it wrong, exercise mistakes, fitness mistakes


Training for Long-Term Success With Eva Twardokens

In this second episode of our Breaking Muscle Radio podcast, we spoke with former world-class skiier and current world-class coach Eva T. about the difference between athletes and trainees, and how we can all go about staying healthy and training for the long-haul.


Conjugate Method: A Better Way to Plan Your Training Week

Trying to have it all and getting frustrated? Well, coach Andrew Read says you can have it all. Sort of. I mean, not really, but you can likely get a whole lot closer than you currently are by following this simple program that combines a variety of fitness and strength goals.


3 Training Approaches That Will Destroy You

You're doing it wrong. Yes, that's right - you. You're doing it wrong if you're coming at your training in any of these three ways outlined by strongman and strength expert Chet Morjaria. Which one is you? Or maybe one of your clients?


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