If you want to walk the path of barefoot training, these exercises are exactly what you need to build up strength and endurance in your feet.
Use one or all of these strategies to maintain focus when juggling different skills during your training.
A scientific approach is invaluable in understanding how to reach your goals and take control of your own training.
Setting up in the arm triangle can help drain your opponent’s energy, set you up for a choke, and improve your defensive position.
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Keeping a neutral neck during kettlebell swings puts you in an optimal position for strength and power.
An opponent’s unfamiliarity with wrist locks and how to defend them adds an element of surprise to your submission game.
The short explanation of PTP is that if you lift something heavy, you will be able to lift more for a five- or six-rep set afterwards.
When the balance between stimulus and recovery is lost, supersets can become an unnecessary danger.
As humans, we’ve crafted our environment to make life easy. While that’s helped us get where we are today, it comes at a potential price.
Even when the fitness gurus say otherwise, there will never be a singular definition of fitness.
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There has been much back-and-forth debate on whether the setup for deadlift and clean are different. The truth is, they are.