No Pain, No Gain (Athlete Journal 38)

Terry Hadlow

Athlete Journal - Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting

Overall this was a much better week. I’m feeling a little more optimistic.



I took my time with my warm up. I was doing power work today and hoped everything would be fine.



  • Speed clean, power clean from floor plus jerk: 55kg for 2x3+1+1, 75kg for 2x3+1+1, 95kg for 2x3+1+1
  • Power clean from hang plus power clean from the floor plus jerk: 55kg for 2x3+1+1, 75kg for 2x3+1+1, 95kg for 2x3+1+1
  • Power clean from the floor, clean, 2 front squats and a jerk: 55kg 1+1+2+1, 75kg 1+1+2+1, 95kg 1+1+2+1, 105kg 1+2+1


No Pain, No Gain (Athlete Journal 38) - Fitness, pain, athlete journals


My groin was way too sore, so I discontinued the clean portion of this series and switched to power clean from the floor with a jerk at 110kg. I did four power cleans and a jerk. On the first set I missed the jerk - how ugly is that? – and the second set was way worse. I thought the workout was ending, but my conscience was bothering me, so I finished with clean pulls – 145kg 2x5, with the last rep of the second set being a slow pull.



I had to repeat Saturday’s workout, hoping it’s not the same disaster. 


  • Speed clean and jerk 5 plus 1: 60kg 2x5+1, 90kg 2x5+1, 100kg 3+1, 100kg 4+1
  • Power clean from the floor plus jerk: 90kg 2x5+1, 100kg 3+1, 100kg 4+1




I was going to give my groin a second chance as it felt much better than yesterday. Next exercise was one power clean, five front squats, and a jerk at 100kg for 2x1+5+1, then 110 kg 2x1+5+1. It's amazing what a difference one day takes. The only problem was my blood sugar levels crashing. Must eat better in morning.


Monday – No Workout

Tuesday – Back Squats

After a long warm-up my groin was a little touchy, but I was still trying to get some work done. 


  • Back squat: 70kg for 2x6, 100kg for 4x6 - Absolutely no pain – felt great.
  • 130kg for 1x6 - A little bit of discomfort.
  • 140kg for 1x6 – A lot of discomfort.


I finished off with one set of speed squats with 90kg. The weight felt light, but my groin felt sticky.


Wednesday – Stretch and Massage

Thursday – Front Squats

The warm up felt great with 20kg. I jumped to 70kg and it still felt great. I jumped to 100kg and it was still feeling great. The gods must be with me! I moved up to 118kg for six reps, 123kg for four reps, and 123kg for two stop squats. It felt so good I jumped to 133kg for an easy set of two reps and then 138kg for another set of two. I am always amazed what I am capable of doing when I do not hurt.


Friday – Long Circuit

Sixty minutes at 35 seconds work with 25 seconds rest between stations. This was tough but work was steady. I actually enjoyed it. Must be that pain thing. 


Terry Hadlow got started in Olympic weightlifting in 1970 and is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades - 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Follow Terry's journal here to learn about his approach to training and competing.

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