43 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Athlete

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stocking stuffers, gifts for athlete, fitness gifts, athlete stocking stuffersYou've bought all your presents - or so you think. Then you notice the stocking! There it is hanging all lonely and empty on the fireplace. What are you going to put in it? Certainly your fitness-loving family member doesn't want it filled with candy!


Never fear, I faced this same dilemma myself and decided to share my idea list with you. I even broke it up by category to make it easy. You still have plenty of time to buy these items in the stores or online. So, here are 43 ideas for filling the stocking this holiday season:



43 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Athlete


1. Knee High Socks - Stylish news socks for the new year.

2. ToeSox - For yoga class or for at home.

3. 2XU Compression Socks - Keep your calves happy with these.

4. Fashletics Kettlebell Jewelry - Fashion meets function with these fun pieces.

5. Brooks Infiniti Headband - Keep your earms warm and eyes clear.

6. Yankz Shure Lace Shoelace System - No more shoelaces coming undone.


Sports-Related Gear:

7. Damage Control Mouthguard - Good for happy teeth and increased performance

8. Versa Gripps - Lift heavier and don't let grip be your downfall.

9. Rogue Wrist Wraps - Great for protecting wrists under stress.

10. Mueller Athletic Tape - All athletes can always use more tape.

11. Gym Chalk - Weightlifting, gymnastics, CrossFit - it all takes chalk.

12. Tyr Socket Rockets 2.0 Swim Goggles - The favorite goggles of Hannah Caldas.

13. FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro - Great for on land or in water.

14. Captains of Crush Grip Strengtheners - Train your grip, and maybe your ego, too.

15. Fat Gripz - Make any bar a grip strengther.


Health and Hygiene:

16. RIPT Skincare - Prevent and repair rips in your plams.

17. Badger Lip Balm - Keep your lips healthy in the winter weather.

18. Primal Life Organics Body Butter - Nourish your skin after outdoor workouts.

19. Lacrosse Balls - For that painful, but wonderful self-massage.

20. Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo - No time to shower? No worries!

21. Klean Kanteen Water Bottle - The first BPA-free metal bottle on the market.



22. Stevia Liquid Extract - Sweeten your tea, naturally.

23. CSA Membership - Give the gift of good food.

24. Penzey's Spices - For the paleo chef in your life.

25. MaraNatha Organic Almond Butter - So dangerous and so good.

26. Steve's Original PaleoKrunch Bar - A great snack for a great cause.

27. US Wellness Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks - Nitrate and MSG free.



28. Blonyx HMB+ Creatine - Improve your strength.

29. Barleans Omega Swirl Key Lime Fish Oil - You won't even know it's fish oil.

30. Vitamin D Drops - Stay healthy during the dark winter months.

31. Natural Calm Magnesium - Get your magnesium and relax your body.

32. Emergen-C Super Orange Drink Mix - Vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamins, and more.


Electronics, Book, and DVDs:

33. iTunes Gift Card - Give the gift of workout music.

34. Garmin Forerunner Sports Watch - Great for obsessively tracking your runs.

35. Gymboss - Any interval you can handle, it can too.

36. Fitbit One - Track your workouts and your sleep in one.

37. BioForce HRV - Maximize your workouts and avoid overtraining.

38. Kettlebell Lightning DVD - Quick workouts with Lauren Brooks and Alex Verdugo.

39. Run Like A Mother - Perfect book for moms wanting to get running in the new year.

40. Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout - Get your heart pumping with RKC Keith Weber.

41. Skullcandy Ear Buds - Listen to your music in style.

42. Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp - No more running in the dark!

43. Yurbuds Armband for iPod Touch and iPhone - Keep your music safe on your arm.

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