Andrew's Hardstyle Holiday Wish List

Andrew Read

Contributor - Master RKC, Athletic Adventurer

Melbourne, Australia

Endurance Sports, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning


EDITOR'S NOTE: Andrew is our resident endurance freak and kettlebell expert. You can say he has a taste for the extreme. Check out his wishlist for the thrill seekers on your holiday buying list.


Andrew's Hardstyle Holiday Wish List



1. Ducati Streetfighter S. - $18,995 Base Price

wish list, gift list, guide gift, athlete gift ideas, fitness gift ideasYou buy some things with your head. You buy motorbikes with your heart and how they make you feel. No machine yet built on this planet makes me feel more dog in heat desperate than a Ducati Streetfighter S. Add a full Termignoni exhaust system to wake up the neighbours and don’t even bother reading the rest of this list.


2. SRM Wireless FSA-Gossamer PowerMeter -$3,540.00

wish list, gift list, guide gift, athlete gift ideas, fitness gift ideasTraining on the bike has come a long way from the days of former Tour de France winner Greg LeMond who famously just said that “it never gets easier, you just pedal faster.” Technology has made a big difference in the training of elite cyclists and triathletes and because I’m a geek at heart I’d like to see how much better it could make my riding.


3. Zipp Sub-9 Disc Wheel -$2,075.00

Why? Have you ever heard how awesome a disc wheel sounds as it comes past?


4. 2XU Compression Tights -$99.95

When your calves are fried from a long run, or your quads are baked from a hard ride this is the stuff. Slip into some 2XU compression wear and speed up recovery. I always fly in my compression socks and always travel with my tights, too often sleeping in them.



5. Saucony Kinvara 3 Running Shoes - $105.13

wish list, gift list, guide gift, athlete gift ideas, fitness gift ideasSaucony just make great shoes for me. I love their soft forefoot and the neutral feel. I love that they’re fairly flat. Most of all I love there’s no stitching in the toe box to annoy me on a long run. Anything is comfortable for a thirty minute run. Kinvaras are all day long comfortable without feeling like bricks on your feet.


6. Altitude Training Room - ?

Like my geek obsession with training with power, having an altitude room to either sleep in or train in could be hugely beneficial. Nothing like being out of breath while answering emails.


7. Normatec MVP Recovery System - $1,650.00

wish list, gift list, guide gift, athlete gift ideas, fitness gift ideasThese are like super compression for post workout recovery. I just like the idea of sitting around in big blow up pants really.


8. Massage with Anne Davies - ?

I’ve actually got access to a few very talented massage therapists but when it comes to knowing my body and looking after me no one compares to Anne Davies at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne. She’s kept me from toppling over the ragged edge of injury so many times I’ve lost count. Don’t be put off by her diminutive stature – she’s got a world of hurt in those little fingers and bony elbows.


9. Apnea Total Freediving School - 5,500 baht

Because free diving is the coolest thing on the planet after racing motorbikes.


10. IRL Shooter Zombie Outbreak - $137.50

I haven’t been doing all this cardio for nothing! Rule number one of Zombieland! Plus I have a list of super bad ass friends and I think we’d all enjoy getting our war faces back on just for fun for an hour or two.


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