Food Reviews Recap: Snacks You Need to Try

Becca Borawski Jenkins

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Sometimes too much of a good thing can be, well, too much! Readers tell me occasionally they worry they've missed out on something here on Breaking Muscle because there's just so much good stuff be post every day.


So, from time to time I'm going to put together some recaps and lists for you, to make sure you haven't missed out on anything.



I know you are all busy, busy people...but you also care a lot about nutrition and your performance at the gym. So, here's a reminder about four amazing (and healthy) snacks we reviewed:


Reviews, nutrition, Food, Paleo, reviews, snacksSteve's Original Paleokits: One of the first paleo snacks out there on the market and for a good cause as well.








Reviews, nutrition, Food, Paleo, reviews, snacksCORE Meal Bar: Providing vegan and non-vegan options for athletes wanting a meal replacement bar that isn't highly manufactured.




Reviews, nutrition, Food, Paleo, reviews, snacks


You Bar - Custom Energy Bars: You Bars are anything you want them to be! You build them right there on the website.






Reviews, nutrition, Food, Paleo, reviews, snacksPaleo People Gourmet Granola Snacks: Gluten-free granola for the paleo and celiac crowds when they get hungry and want something crunchy.


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