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We know how hard it is to holiday shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas AND let you get to know all of us at a bit better. We asked our writers, featured coaches, and guest contributors if they could pick ANY 10 fitness/sports/health related items to put on a Holiday Wish List, what would they pick?


Expect a bunch of these lists over the upcoming weeks! We are launching this feature today to celebrate the infamous start of the holiday shopping season - Black Friday! I know I personally will be checking out these lists to look for items for my friends and family...and maybe a few more for myself!



Becca's Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday Guide

1. Lululemon Stride Jacket - $128.00

Yes, I already own a version of this jacket from a couple years ago. And yes, it is my favorite jacket and I would love an updated version. I love the length (great for cycling in cold weather), the thumbholes, the option to zip up the high neck, the hood, the inner and outer pockets (which zip closed). Altogether an awesome jacket and it looks and fits great, too.


2. Ortlieb “Downtown” Bicycle Commuter Bag - $119.00

As a newly anointed bike commuter, I love my Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers, but the Downtown could take me straight from bike to office or bike to writing class with laptop and papers intact. The versatility this bag allows would be wonderful.


3. Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday GuideGuided Hike Up Mt. Hood 3 Day Summit Overnight Program - $720

I fantasize about being a mountaineer and read all sorts of adventure books, but in reality I know next to nothing about it. The scenery here in the Pacific Northwest is ridiculous and a guided tour would be a great opportunity to learn from experts and climb a fantastic local mountain.


4. Pendlay 15kg NexGen Bearing Olympic Bar- $559.00

Lest Olympic lifting be forgotten, I would love to get my hands on this dream bar. A narrower diameter this “women’s” bar would be an excellent addition to my personal equipment. I wouldn’t let any of the boys touch it and I just know I could lift more with this baby.


Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday Guide5. Socks from Sock Dreams - $8-20/pair

Nothing says serious weightlifter/powerlifter like snazzy socks. I have ordered from Sock Dreams online before and then discovered their storefront here in Portland. There are endless amounts of highly necessary socks here.


Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday Guide6. U.S. Wellness Meats Spicy Beef Jerky Bulk Pack - $116.19

Yes, that’s right - $116 worth of beef jerky. I need it to climb Mt. Hood, right? The great thing about this particular beef jerky is that it has not nitrates, nitrites, MSG, or preservatives, and is made from grass-fed beef.


7. Inzer Forever Buckle Weight Belt - $67.00

Now that I’m training powerlifting three times a week, it’s time to invest in a belt. Everyone at the gym is bigger than me, so there’s only one belt there that works. And besides, I am pretty sure I need a pink one. Or maybe a red one. Or maybe more than one so I can coordinate with my socks.


Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday Guide8. Chuck Taylor High Tops - $45.00

Pink? Red? More than one pair? This takes a lot of thought and energy to coordinate the socks, weight belt, and shoes, just so you know.


9. EXF Rings PRO - $95.00 has long been my favorite source for rings and somehow they just keep getting better and better. What really puts these over the top for me, however, is the quick setup and not having to feed the fabric through any sort of buckle system to hang them up.


10. Holiday Wish List - Coach Becca Borawski - Reviews, Holiday GuideSports Massage & Day at the Spa - $???

So after I’ve spent all this time pushing my body to the limits, it’s time to relax and enjoy a massage. I don’t have a link for this one – you tell me – what’s the best place for a massage in Portland, Oregon? Is there someplace that has hot tubs and saunas, too? I need to know!

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