Product Review: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

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Product Review: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - Reviews, yoga, yoga mat


Product Review: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat - Reviews, yoga, yoga mat



The Manduka Black Mat Pro is simply the best yoga mat we have tested. The Manduka mat is designed to endure hours of yoga practice. Many yoga teachers and professionals swear by the quality and durability of the Manduka Mat Pro. We tested this mat for two months of intense daily vinyasa yoga sessions, and found it to be amazing.


Unlike most yoga mats on the market today the Manduka Mat Pro has a specific top and bottom surface. The mat remains stable on hard wood floors, stone, and carpet. It does not shift or bunch during your practice. The mat is thicker than most mats, measuring at 1/4 inch, to provide a softer surface for your back and knees. This extra thickness eliminates the need to have blankets and extra props necessary for a softer surface. The mat measures 71 inches long and 26 inches wide.


The only drawback we found to the larger size of this mat is that it can be cumbersome to carry, especial when traveling. There is however, an lighter alternative from Manduka, the eKO Lite Mat, which offers some of the same benefits but is thinner and half as heavy.


Tips for Use


Let it Breathe: We found it best to let the mat air out in an open space for a few days before use due to a slight smell. This works best outside in the sun and fresh air. The mat is made from a zero-waste PVC, which Manduka reports is sustainable, Oeko-Tex certified, and emissions-free.


Break It In: An easy and inexpensive way to break in your new mat is to scrub the surface of the mat with coarse sea salt and then let air dry in the sun. 


Get a Mat Bag/Holder: Mat bags are available online through Manduka or through other yoga outfitters. Handmade and unique yoga mat bags are available through etsy. Just make sure that they will fit larger “Pro” style mat.


The Manduka Black Mat Pro is available for $94.00 at

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