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Once again Rogue Fitness has created a high quality product that we can share with our Breaking Muscle readers. Rogue HG Collars are a newer style of barbell collar that are ideal for Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, and high volume workouts. After using a variety of collars including the spring style, clamp style, and pin and lock style, these collars are our favorite. If you are looking for a high quality collar that can be used and abused this is the collar for you. These collars are perfect for saving the time and energy of having to put your plates back on again and again, during high intensity workouts. These collars are so durable that they were that were used during the 2010 CrossFit Games.


Product Review: Rogue HG Collars - Reviews, weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, gym equipment

The Rogue HG collars were tested in a home gym setting and a CrossFit style gym for more than 6 months. Overtime there was no wear and tear noted on the clips, and they were still able to maintain their very snug fit after repeated daily use. Daily testing in the open gym setting allowed for plenty of use and abuse by a variety of users. We used these collars in a gym where workouts had athletes frequently dropping weights, and the clips held up well under the stress, and maintained a tight grip on the barbell. The clips were used in a variety of workouts including max effort lifts, power lifting style workouts, Olympic weightlifting, and high repetition workouts.


Product Review: Rogue HG Collars - Reviews, weightlifting, olympic weightlifting, gym equipment*It should be noted that these clips are very tight, and the locking/unlocking mechanism can be tough to unlock at first. We had a tough time in the beginning when these collars were brand new, unlocking them from the barbell, but soon got used to the function and tightness of these collars.


The Rogue HG collars fit all 2" Olympic weightlifting bars. They are made from a nylon resin construction and have a locking mechanism that is all one piece.


Collars can also be ordered in bulk sizes ranging from 5-20 pairs.

Free shipping available in the USA


Rogue HG Collars are available for $39.50 and up at

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