The 2013 List of Best Stocking Stuffers for the Athlete

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Shopping for an athlete can be a challenge. You can't buy them candy; if they're serious, then they've already bought a lot of things for themselves; and most of them probably don't find office supplies as exhilerating as I do. So what do you get to put in their stocking at holiday time?





Never fear. I'm here to help you with my annual list of of stocking stuffer ideas for the athlete. I've even broken it into categories to make it easier for you. The prices range quite a bit on these products, so you should be able to find something to fit any budget, but I promise they'll all fit inside the stocking itself.



50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Athlete


1. Krave Jerky - Quality ingredients, amazing texture, and lots of fun flavors.

2. Penzey's Spices - For the paleo chef in your life.

3. NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia - Natural sweetness made even better with vanilla flavor.

4. Primal Pacs - Organic, grass-fed beef, dried fruit, and raw nuts.

5. Nikki's Coconut Butters - These are so amazing you'll need to hide them from yourself.

6. The Good On Ya Bar - Gluten free, grain free, soy free, diary free, 100%, and non-GMO.

7. Upgraded Coffee from the Bulletproof Executive - High performance coffee beans.

8. Flavored Ghee from Pure Indian Foods - Spice up your health fats with these ghees.

9. Brain Toniq - A drink that not only tastes great, but makes your mind function better.

10. Fatworks - High-quality lard, tallow, and duck fat for your paleo needs.

11. Caveman Cookies - Sometimes every caveman needs a little treat.

12. Canned Unicorn Meat - I don't think this needs an explanation.


Training Gear:

13. Iron Woody Rubber Bands - Use these to make things harder or easier, either way works.

14. Ped Egg - File your calluses and stop ripping open your hands.

15. Mueller Athletic Tape - An athlete can never have enough tape.

16. Gym Chalk - Or enough chalk.

17. Grip4orce – A simple tool for building powerful grip.

18. LPG Muscle Delt Belt - While portlable, it's also powerful in enabling better training.

19. Strength Wraps - The original and best of the wrist wraps designed for CrossFit.

20. Sport Journals WODbooks - If you take training seriously, you should journal seriously.

21. Versa Gripps - The most versatile, durable, and powerful lifting straps.

22. Rogue HG Collars - Stop being annoyed by cheap, loose collars.

23. Rage Leather Hand Grips - Gymnastics grips that will help save your hands.

24. Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope - Portable, adjustable, and wicked-fast for double unders.

25. Luna Sandals - The best barefoot sandal there is, from Barefoot Ted himself.


Mobility Gear:

26. Yoga Tune-Up Balls - Tune up your body and fascia with these specially-designed balls.

27. TP Therapy GRID Mini Roller - Trigger Point Therapy gives you a stocking-sized roller.

28. VooDoo Floss Bands - Used by mobility expert Kelly Starrett.

29. MobilityWOD Gemini - Designed to get the muscles on either side of your spine.

30. RumbleRoller Beastie - New from the creators of the infamous foam roller.

31. The Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga - All the poses and stretches you could ever need.

32. Manduka Yoga Strap - If you're still working on reaching for your toes, reach for this.



33. JayBird BlueBuds X Headphones - Possibly the coolest headphones out there.

34. Koss FitClips Headphones - So good they even stay in during trampoline workouts.

35. Garmin Forerunner Sports Watch - The ultimate in running watches.

36. Withings Pulse - The newest in Bluetooth-enabled activity trackers.

37. BioForce HRV - Heart rate variability is the new measurement for elite athletes.

38. GymBoss - The original industry standard in personal interval timers.



39. Barleans Omega Swirl Key Lime Fish Oil - You won't even know it's fish oil.

40. Vitamin D Drops - Stay healthy during the dark winter months.

41. Natural Calm Magnesium Packets - Get magnesium and relax your body even on the go.

42. BlenderBottle GoStak - Organize your snacks and supplements however you need.


Fashion and Apparel:

43. ToeSox - Functional for yoga class and fun for around the house.

44. Fashletics Jewelry - Fitness is your lifestyle, and it can be your jewelry too.

45. Socks by Sock Dreams - It's not a workout if there's not knee highs involved.


Health and Hygiene:

46. Brave Soldier Ointment - A healing ointment with lidocaine to ease your training pains.

47. The Soak - For helping your body recover in a hot tub after training is done.

48. Stuffits - For keeping the sweat, stink, and critters out of your training gear and shoes.

49. Primal Care Skin Balm - Training hard can be hard on your skin too.

50. Rank Away - Specialized designed to remove the "rank" from your foot gear.

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