Athlete Development

In my years, I have heard a lot of excellent cues that transform a coach’s words from mere regurgitation of errors into valuable teaching cues.
These people shouldn’t even be training others. This profession is about helping others, not helping yourself to their money.
The good coach is going to be able to evaluate developmental progress on the basis of intangible factors.
Your days as a trainer and coach will come to an end eventually, so what will you do next?
The real key to success is the development of systems. DVRT has created a universal one for you.
Movement hierarchies are an invaluable tool for group training, to ensure everyone is at the right level.
A new survey of physical therapists who hold a CSCS credential found it might only be helpful in some areas of business.
Evaluate your coaching, evaluate each other’s coaching - then make the improvements. Your athletes will thank you.
Rock Solid Fitness is a one-on-one training facility based on the sound principles of science, logic, reason, and human physiology.
Are you simply repeating the words other coaches use or are you using your cues to address an athlete’s specific physiological challenges?
I have a confession to make. I have lied, pretended to be someone I am not, and more than likely wasted the valuable time of people I’ve come in contact with.
Which category are you? Which category are your clients? Consider these facts and plan all training accordingly.
Are you stuck in a coaching rut? People learn in a variety of ways and we need to cater to all these ways.
It seems everyone who has finished a PT course wants to open a space. But maybe they’re better off coming from a different angle.
Are you a great coach? How do you become a great coach? Time to find out.
Are you actually coaching your clients? Time to incorporate the Compliment Sandwich or Macro-Micro-Macro Approach.
When repetitive stress is combined with poor stability, mobility, or movement patterns, then athletes are likely to breakdown.