Business Development

Your #family are your legacy. They are the product of your guidance and tutelage. They are also your past, present, and future.
You must be aware that your product is not CrossFit. Your product is health, wellness, and fitness.
I sometimes feel like I’m giving away all my secrets in these articles. Until I remember there are none.
A leader is not a manager. True leaders create and inspire great ideas.
There are critical steps to follow to ensure a successful TV appearance that may boost your credentials as a fitness pro.
Dan not only inspires to give back, but shows that the community benefits of doing so pay off.
In this industry, there are both pitfalls and possibilities around every corner. Here's how to navigate through them.
When it comes to client growth, it is important to know when enough is enough.
If I could go back in time and tell myself five things I wish I would have learned sooner, they would be these.
The first thing you must focus on, which is often overlooked, is the value you provide for your clients and gym members.
There is one cost that seldom shows up on the books. Because of that, the finances of a dream business are often distorted.
Saying you aren’t an expert in something is seen as a sign of weakness. But nothing could be further from the truth.
When someone stands out from the Internet swamp it makes me sit up and take notice. Here's how to be that person.
Fitness entrepreneurs - your sales need to support yourself before you can truly help as many people as possible.
Only those who have undergone the competitive experience can efficiently master the role of a coach.
I don’t have the magic answers for how to get ahead. But what I do have is this collection of principles I’ve learned along my way.
The Internet is embedded in CrossFit's DNA. How can your business leverage this viral power of technology?