BJJ & MMA Workouts: Cycle 3 (Strength & Power) - Week 11, Day 1

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Strength and Conditioning

Training for combat sports like MMA, BJJ, judo, wrestling, kickboxing, and boxing requires a great breadth of attributes. Unlike a powerlifter or a marathon runner, focusing on strength or endurance alone won’t cut it. You need to develop it all.


During each phase of this year long MMA/BJJ conditioning program, we will cover each facet of the major attributes needed by combat athletes, including strength, flexibility, and endurance. The third cycle will focus on increasing strength and power. The final phase will be a month-long weight cutting program to help prepare for a fight or match.



Once the program is done, you will have achieved your foundational physical needs, which you can maintain while focusing on your skill from that point onward. You will also be able to prep for competition successfully, including getting down to the weight you need to be at.


If you want to learn more about this program, you can read the full explanation here.


Week 11, Day 1


Dynamic Warm up


Back Squats 4 x 9 with 7 rep max

Power focused grappling work w/ partner 15 minutes

Heavy bag ground strikes – all strikes 15 minutes

Road work, treadmill or Elliptical 30 mins @ 150 bpm



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