The Creative Movement workout is a compilation of dance movement, bellydance, barre, pilates, kettlebells, and yoga. This workout will move through various types of programming for levels beginner to advanced. The goal of the workout is to gain a technical foundation of dance movement, increase fluidity and flexibility, increase overall body strength, and explore your body through various mediums.


The third cycle of this workout series is a beginner dance core workout that fuses yoga, bellydance, and bodyweight exercise into one fun and inspiring class. The workouts will be posted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



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Week 3, Day 2


Standing Side Bends - R & L
Tadasana to Forward Fold
Hands Walk out to Plank and Walk Back to Forward Fold


Elbow Plank R Side
Elbow Plank
Elbow Plank R Side
Extended Arm Plank R Side
Extended Arm Plank
Extended Arm Plank R Side
Extended Arm Plank - Shoulder Taps 10x
Extended Arm Plank - Toe Taps 10x
Repeat 3x


Childs Pose
Upward Dog
Downward Dog
Table Top
Cat Cow
Childs Pose