Cycle 10 of the bodyweight workouts will focus on flexibility, agility and recovery. All workouts in this cycle with be twenty minutes or less, allowing extra time for the pre- and post-workout mobility, flexibility, and recovery work.


Week 5, Day 3



Mobility before Workout:

  • Hip Circles 5 in each direction
  • Hip Rotation on All Fours *3-5 on each side
  • Toes Stretch Hold 30 Seconds x2
  • From Standing to Squat and Hold for 30 Seconds x4
  • Therapy Sumo Squat at Wall x4 with a 5 Second Hold at the Bottom
  • Toe Squat 30 Seconds x2
  • Scorpion x5 on each side
  • Supine Shoulder Opening x 30 Seconds on Each Side
  • Up Dog to Down Dog x 5-10




  • 10 Horse Stance Squats
  • 5 Bodyweight Windmill to Right
  • 5 Low Cossack Switch Right and Left
  • 5 Bodyweight Windmill to the Left
  • 10 Horse Stance Squats
  • 10 Prisoner sit ups *with hands behind head or hands in pistol grip


Mobility after Workout:

  • Frog Pose 2 Minutes
  • Wide Legged Pose Forward Bend 1 Minute
  • Child's Pose 1 Minute