Week 1

Day 1

A. Box Squat 5x4



B. Deadlift 8x2 @50% 1RM


C. Walking Lunge 4x8


D1. Reverse Crunch 3x12
D2. Plank 3x30sec


Day 2

A. Bench Press 5x4


B1. Incline DB Press 3x10
B2. Seated Cable Row 4x10


C1. Prone Trap Raise 3x12
C2. Side-Lying External Rotation with DB- 3x12


D. Side Plank 3x30s each side


Day 3

A. Front Squat 4x6


B. Rack Pull from kneecaps 4x6


C. DB Split Squat 3x6


D1. Cable Pull Through 3x10
D2. Reverse Crunch 3x12


Day 4

A1. One-Arm DB Push Press 4x6
A2. Close-Grip Chinups 4x6


B1. Pushup 3x10
B2. One-Arm DB Row 3x8


C1. Kneeling Cable External Rotation 3x12
C2. Side Plank 3x30s each side


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