Dominate Your Next Physical Fitness Test

Stew Smith


Military Fitness, Law Enforcement and Firefighters, Strength and Conditioning

If you followed the link here after reading Stew Smith's full-length article, you already know most trainees facing a physical fitness test for military, law enforcement, or other tactical applications fail because of the same short list of mistakes.


In case you found your way here from somewhere else, here's a quick recap:



  1. Failure to get specific immediately
  2. Continuing to do daily PT
  3. Not working smarter
  4. Not having a plan/strategy
  5. Too much leg work
  6. Not pacing yourself
  7. You can't do pull ups
  8. Burning out on sit ups
  9. Not eating optimally
  10. Nerves on test day


Stew has made it his life's work to get people through their PFTs successfully.



Whether you are about to take your first physical fitness test, you're an intermediate trainee trying to improve your scores, or you're an advanced trainee applying to an elite unit, you've come to the right place.


We suggest you read Stew's full explanation or download the PDF, which contains both the full article and all twelve weeks of training.


Here's what a week of training sessions might look like:


Above: A Sample Week of Programming


To Download the Full 12 Weeks, Click Here


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