Find Your Inner Athlete: 12 Weeks of Beginner Workouts - Page 5

Jessica Hedrick

Contributor - Creative Movement & Beginner Workouts

San Francisco, California, United States

Yoga, Dance

The Beginner Workout focuses on cultivating an athletic lifestyle by building the foundation for overall strength, conditioning, and flexibility. This workout will guide you through two workouts per week, with a third day called the "Athletic Exploration Day." This day is a special time for you to explore different fitness disciplines, have fun, and try something new in your personal fitness journey.

This beginner workout cycle focuses on the basics of a successful fitness program.  The workouts are designed to help you get stronger and move better.


Journey into a renewed healthy lifestyle as you develop a new fitness routine, regain your body confidence, and have fun. You will need a kettlebell and/or dumbbell set, yoga mat, great music, and a smile to complete this programming.


Enjoy your athletic journey. Smile and get to it!


Week 5

Day 1

  • 15x Russian Twist
  • Bow Pose 10-20 secs
  • Reverse Plank 10-20secs
  • 25x Bicycles - Elbow to Knee
  • 10x Turkish Get Ups
  • Forward Fold 30 secs
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog 5-8x
  • Crescent Lunge R Leg 30 secs
  • 15x Crescent Lunge R Leg - Knee to Floor Up & Down
  • Chair Pose 30 secs
  • Forward Fold 10 secs
  • Tadasana 10 secs
  • Forward Fold 10 secs
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog 5-8x
  • 15 x Crescent Lunge L Leg - Knee to Floor Up & Down
  • Drinking Bird (Chair Pose in Releve) 30 secs
  • Downward Dog 30 secs
  • Forward Fold 30 secs
  • Tadasana 30 secs
  • Repeat 3x


Day 2

Walk Outside Fast Pace 20-30 mins (Repeat 1x)


100 yard jog/run at 60% of ability
Walk back to starting position - Hand Clasped Over Head



Repeat 4x



  • Downward Dog 30 sec
  • Runners Lunge R Side 30 secs
  • Triangle R Side 30 secs
  • Downward Dog 30 sec
  • Runners Lunge L Side 30 secs
  • Triangle L Side 30 secs
  • Downward Dog 30 secs
  • Forward Fold 30 secs
  • Tadasana 30 secs


Day 3

Day 3 of each week will be your athletic exploration day. I want you to try different classes in your local area. Some classes you will enjoy, others you will choose to not attend again but it is important to try new things when creating your personalized athletic lifestyle. Have fun in this exploration, and find what makes you happy.


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