Admit it. You've been training for years and have experienced aches and pains on occasion.


Even if your training has been orthopedically-safe, there is regular wear-and-tear on your joints. It's inevitable. Unfortunately, it's going to happen if you do something as opposed to nothing. However, you can at least continue training provided you emphasize safe training modes.



In my case, I still have that go-for-the-throat training mentality and often act like a 25-year-old, but my body says, "Hey! You're over 50!"


Subsequent aches and tweaks are the wake up call not to be ignored unless I want to end up debilitated and walking on crutches.


If this sounds like your story, then it may be time to back off and enter a training segment that is joint-friendly, lower volume, yet effective. You still want to work relatively hard, but with different methods.


The goal of the program still parallels the on-going mission of the Mature Athlete Program:

  • Increasing or maintaining muscle strength to counter Sarcopenia
  • Improved cardio-vascular endurance
  • Better functional ability via the above


This 12-week cycle is broken down over three training days per week:

  • Training day one = body weight circuit + conditioning
  • Training day two = strength training only
  • Training day three = conditioning + strength training


The ultimate goal of this cycle is to progress your training with limited pounding on your joints. You've been around a while so you can surely use these joint-friendly exercise recommendations. 


Cycle 10 of the Mature Athlete Program

Simply download and print, then follow the training calendar. Just add effort!


Click to download the full 12-week Training Calendar excel file.



Click to download the full 12-week Bodyweight and Conditioning excel file



Click to download the Strength Training tracking sheet excel file.