Mommy Workout: Diastasis Recti Recovery, Week 5

Nicole Crawford

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I designed the diastasis recti recovery cycle for moms who are looking for a gentle and effective way to rebuild core strength and stability.


Having dealt with diastasis recti myself in the past, I know how frustrating it can be. The good news is, with time, patience, and consistency, diastasis recti can be healed.


The cycle includes three four-week phases:


Phase one focuses on stabilizing the core muscles and restoring abdominal strength and low back support through bodyweight workouts with gentle core strengthening exercises, daily walking, and restorative core exercises done daily.


Phase two continues the exercises from phase one, but with kettlebell workouts added in twice a week to build strength gradually. The strength exercises in phase two will have a higher volume and lower load than in phase three.


Phase three adds in one day of intense cardiovascular exercise while increasing the load and turning down the volume for your strength work.



You will probably notice there are no traditional core exercises in this series, like sit ups or toes to bar. Until your diastasis has completely healed, avoid these exercises. Even after your diastasis has closed, you may choose to avoid these exercises and opt for movements that place less load on the abdominal wall.


This week, we begin phase two.


Week 5

Day 1

3 Rounds:

  • 2-handed kettlebell swing x 20
  • Clean and press x 15/side

20 minute brisk walk or run


Day 2

45 minute brisk walk or run


Day 3

3 Rounds:

  • Wall sit: 20 seconds
  • Glute bridge x 15 – slow and controlled, with a yoga block between your knees
  • Side plank x 10 seconds per side – Use your non-supporting arm for extra stability if needed.
  • Downward dog – hold for 5 deep breaths
  • Plank against the wall – 20 seconds
  • Wide-legged squat (yogi squat) – accumulate 30 seconds, take breaks as needed.

20 minutes brisk walking
Legs up the wall – 30 seconds
Child’s pose – 30 seconds
Psoas release – 1 to 3 minutes


Day 4

Yoga: Hip Flexor Fun


Day 5

3 Rounds:

  • Farmer’s walk x 30 seconds
  • Goblet squat x 20
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