Power and Endurance Training for Fire Professionals

Lars Bredahl

Contributor - Firefighter Workouts

Victoria, Canada

These workouts are designed by full-time firefighter and coach Lars BredahlLars has been involved in various aspects of firefighting, including working on the Firefighter Combat Challenge Team and working as a trainer for his co-workers. Lars brings his years of experience and expertise together to create this workout program.


For the complete explanation of the program, read the Firefighter Workouts FAQ.


Week 5 - Testing Week

Day 1


A. Find a 5RM front squat
B. Find a max set of strict pull ups
C. 50 GHD sit ups for time
D. 400m prowler push @bodyweight, for time


Notes: Several tests to challenge even the best


Day 2


A. Ring Dips - Find a 5RM (for load)
B. Hang power clean - Find a 3RM
3 rounds for time:

  • 15 Russian KB swings
  • 15 Burpees


Notes: Go hard, go fast on short metcon


Day 3


A. Find a 5RM thruster
B. 50 K2E for time
C. 10 rope climbs for time
D. 500m row for time


Notes: Rest as needed between tests


Day 4


A. Deadlift - Find a 5RM
B. Standing press - Find a 5RM
100 TGU for time (yes, 50/arm)


Notes: Try to maintain a set pace on TGU & keep going


Day 5

Saturday OR Sunday

35-40 min Elliptical or AD @ 60%


Notes: Steady pace throughout


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