Kevin Kearns knows what it means to train like a fighter - he has trained UFC fighters like Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, and Marcus Davis for a living for many years. Now you can get a chance at these hardcore workouts, that also happen to be a lot of fun.


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Workout 9: "The No Time Workout"


One thing I teach in our Burn With Kearns MMA Conditioning certifications is the time factor. The most common complaint everyone will make is, “I don’t have time to exercise.” In this world that is always moving faster, people need a better workout in a shorter time. The good part about that is, it is perfectly logical and beneficial to want a fast-paced workout.


For all those people who say they have no time to exercise, here is our no excuses workout. The idea is to do this in a circuit and take little or no rest between exercises. The whole circuit will take fit people 3-5 minutes.


Another approach we recommend is to perform this in rounds. As always, we will stress a balanced workout encompassing all three planes of motion (forward, lateral and rotational).


Here ‘s the workout. All you will need is a simple resistance band.


1. Squats with body weight: 20 reps


2. Rotational pushups: 20 reps


3. Abs bicycles: 30 reps


4. Spider push ups: 10 reps


5. Band rows: 20 reps


6. Upper cuts: 20 reps



7. One legged reaches: 20 reps



8. Jumping jacks: 30 reps


9. Isometric plank: 30 second hold



This is a kick-ass blast that can be done in minimal time with minimal equipment