Train Like a Gymnast: Bodyweight Skills, Strength, and Flexibility

Chris Lofland

Gymnastics Workout

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States



The skills in this cycle of gymnastics workouts are designed to build on each other over the first eight weeks. The final four weeks will be putting past skills and new skills together into complexes that are designed to resemble portions of a floors and ring routine.


Workouts are programmed five days per week.


For more videos of the movements in these workouts, visit the Breaking Muscle Youtube channel and the CrossFit EST Youtube channel.


Week 5

Day 1

5X1 L-sit rope climb


3 sets of

  • 5 wall climbs
  • 10 high box jumps


Day 2

10 sets of grip complex


Day 3

5:00 tripod/headstand work

5:00 handstand work

30 strict ring dips


Day 4

3 sets of:

  • 1:00 left split
  • 1:00 right split
  • 1:00 middle


Day 5

5-10X1 press to handstand


3-5 sets of

  • 30 double under
  • 25 squats
  • 20 tucked leg raises


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