Women's Workout: Cycle 3, Week 1, Day 2

Mindith Rahmat


Women's Fitness, Yoga, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells


4 Rounds on Each Arm
5 x 1 Arm Kettlebell Clean, Squat, and Press
10 x 1 Arm Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge

15 x Burpees
20 x Russian Twists
(switch arms after you complete the entire set)

(rest as needed between sets)



1 Minute Plank Hold

1 Minute Wall Handstand

1 Minute Forearm Handstand

1 Minute Plank Hold

(set a timer and accumulate 1 minute in each movement, rest as needed, modifications for should include practice kicking up at wall)




Awake and Evolve



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