Use the Agile 8 to Warm Up Quickly

This mobility sequence takes the guesswork out of warming up and prepares your body for battle.

Do you ever hesitate at the gym, knowing you should warm up and mobilize before your work out but at a loss for a routine? It's important to engage in light, preparatory movement before adding load. This helps to safeguard against future injury and also shows you where you might be tight and need to direct more attention.

How to Perform the Agile 8

The Agile 8 is a series of warm up exercises and mobility techniques that serves these purposes. It begins with foam rolling on three key lower body parts:

  1. IT Band – Lie on your side on top of the foam roller, and slide up and down from your knee to just above your hip.
  2. Piriformis – Sit on the foam roller, cross your leg onto the opposite knee, and lean onto the side of your knee. Roll up and down across your glute.
  3. Adductor – With your belly to the ground, place the inside of your thigh on the foam roller and roll around.

Then, move on to some dynamic drills:

  1. V-Sit Roll Over – Sit on the ground with your legs in front of you, then roll back until your toes touch the ground behind your head. Roll forward and spread your legs in a straddle.
  2. Hip Rotation – Place your palms and knees on the ground. Keep your torso as stable as possible as you trace circles with one knee.
  3. Groiner – Sink into a deep lunge with your hands on the ground and place your forward foot outside your hand. Jump in the air and switch legs.
  4. Frog Jump – Begin in a push up position, then jump both feet forward to land outside your hands. Reverse the movement and repeat.
  5. First Baseman Stretch – Lunge and touch your knee to the ground. Raise the arm on the same side as your grounded knee and lean forward to stretch your hip flexor.

After the Agile 8, you will have loosened up your hips and primed your nervous system for the tough work ahead.

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