Use Your X Wife to Prep Your Core for Serious Lifting

Donnie Thompson shows how his powerful mobility tool, the X Wife, can strengthen and injury-proof your core.

Just like any other part of your body, your core also needs maintenance and mobility work. Donnie Thompson, champion powerlifter and physical therapy expert, brings his body tempering method, using a 135-pound cylinder known as the X-Wife, to this often neglected area. This solid steel tool breaks up tissue and helps to release excessive muscle tone, which can result from serious strength training.

To perform body tempering on your core:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and place the X-Wife on top of your hips. Relax for several seconds, then drive your pelvis down into the floor.
  2. Roll the X-Wife up your stomach and back down.
  3. You also want to hit the sides. Carefully roll to one side and move the X-Wife on your obliques. Relax as much as possible.
  4. After working on both obliques, place your back on the ground once more. Turn the X-Wife so it is lying lengthwise on top of you, from your chest to your hips. Spread your arms to the sides and allow the pressure of the X-Wife to drive you into the floor.

The X-Wife is a stronger tool than a foam roller, as its weight drives quick results in your tissues. After a single body tempering session, your tissues will be diffused and your body will ready for the heavy lifting that lies ahead.

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