Video: 2 Tips for CrossFit Games Open Athletes

Today we look at the difference between training and competition, and what we can learn from our "failures." Also a quick tip regarding weightlifting for CrossFit Open participants.

This week we discuss the difference between training and competition. We will look at what you need to do to prepare yourself so you can compete at peak levels when competition day rolls around. Part of competition is learning how to strategize and pace yourself for the task at hand. Every time we compete, we can look at the results (especially our "failures") and use them constructively to come back to the next event with better preparation or a better mentality.

The second topic we will look at is how to properly receive the bar during sets of multiple Olympic lifts. This is particularly useful information for my fellow CrossFitters in the midst of the CrossFit Games Open right now. Sometimes little adjustments in your technique can make a big difference over the course of the workout and help your scores go up!